Singer & Songwriter

Janet loves music and has performed for many years, singing solo and in bands.

Among her favorite shows, she performed solo for a sold out crowd of Brooks & Dunn fans at an Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame concert. There, she made grown men cry as she sang to honor one of the other inductees, the late Lee Wiley. That was an experience she will never ever forget. Her favorite band, Thataway, performed for years throughout Illinois and Indiana in popular venues and large festivals such as the Taste of Chicago.

Lately, she's been writing and recording original song drafts, some are already in the soundtracks of over 20 independent films, with more in development for upcoming flm projects. A few of her original song drafts can be heard in the player below.

Music Videos

Songs in Film Soundtracks


Turkey Day (2012) - Twitchy Dolphin Flix - James Christopher
Winner: Best Song at the UnderDogs Film Festival 2011


Denizen (2010) - Warrior Entertainment - J.A. Steel
Winner: Bronze: Soundtrack, Best Impact of Music in Film, Park City Music Festival


Scarecrow Club (2014) - Eaglewolf Productions - Richard Groen

A Werebitch

Werebitches series of short films (2010 - 2015) - Twitchy Dolphin Flix - James Christopher
Lyrics by James Christopher

Libby Girl

Theme song of the Libby Girl Series (2006 - 2013) - Janet Mayson

Get Wild

Libby Girl: Bored Games (2013) - Janet Mayson

He Surrounds Me

Goin' Guerrilla (2013) - Twitchy Dolphin Flix - James Christopher


3 References (2013) - Twitchy Dolphin Flix - James Christopher


Not Quite Lyin' Eyes (2013) - Northern Iron Productions - Doug Phillips


Remake (2012) - Northern Iron Productions - Doug Phillips

Get Wild

The Tip (2011) - Sonja Jones


Welcome to Dreadville: Love, Death, & Blueberry Pancakes (2010) - Bublenutz Productions - Jose Carlos Gomez


Soulmate(dot)Wed (2009) - BackCorner Productions - Carl Adams

Don't Do Me

Jesus Fish (2008) - TiRoMa Productions - Titus Jackson

Coming Soon

17 Janet Mayson Originals

Love Abridged - Bri Prooker

She Said Ah Ha, Drive Your Life, and I Believe You Believe in Me

Anticipation - Ki Productions - Ruby Morain

With You

Miles & Sally - Susan Sybenga


As the Wind Blows - Allison Summers

With You

From Here - Titus Jackson


Photo: Recording in Nashville, Janet co-wrote and sang with Paris Delane for the song "Lovers Left Behind" on his new album "Ballad of the Streetman Blues" available on Amazon.

Songs in Films Demo