Libby Girl Series of Short Films

Libby Girl is a very sweet dog who loves to play and explore. A curious pup, she is always looking for something fun to do when Janet is away... especially when she can include her neighborhood friends, Rico and Bruno!

The award-winning short films were directed, produced, written, filmed, edited, animals trained by, and original song written and performed by Janet. The films star Libby, Bruno, Rico, and Janet.

FREE! Watch them all right here -- just click on each poster, each film runs about 3.5 minutes.


Libby Girl gets creative on the internet and invites Rico and Bruno over to her house to play.

Bored Games

Janet is running late for work, but Libby still finds a way to have her friends over for board games.


Libby, Rico, and Bruno find out it's Janet's birthday and decide to surprise her.

Curiosity Driven

Libby is definitely curiosity-DRIVEN, always looking for something new to do and includes her friends. This film was created before the series.

Something New

Libby learns of a new video camera and invites Bruno and Rico over to try it out when Janet's away.

More Fun

Enjoy bonus short videos, such as Libby Girl Sings Along, when Janet is practicing her songs, Libby has a favorite and joins in the fun. Meet the cast promo videos are here too!

Dog Stars

Libby Girl is a joyful Jack Russell Terrier. She loves to play fetch, run outside when it's raining, bark at visiting squirrels, play with neighbor cats, and learn new tricks. She enjoys acting for the camera and has her own IMDb page.

Rico may be a tiny Chihuahua, but he thinks he is a big mighty dog. He's the first one to bark out the window at dogs and their owners going for a walk down the street. He enjoys snoozing in his soft cozy slumber ball, or carrying around the biggest dog toy he can find, and then shaking that toy silly.

Bruno is a very sweet and loving Chihuahua with gorgeous markings. His favorite things to do include sleeping on the couch all wrapped up in a blanket, barking at the mailman, and running into the kitchen at top speed at the first sound of possible treats!

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Favorite Photo

Janet's favorite photo of all three pups, just relaxing...